Upcoming: Public workshop in Berlin with Kotti-Shop, PASAJ, La Folie Kilomètre and many more…


On Thursday, October 29, Berlin activists and experts will talk with representatives of the artist groups Kotti-Shop (Berlin), PASAJ (Istanbul) and La Folie Kilomètre (Marseille) from the project We decide how we reside. What potential do participative projects in cities have for critical reflection? Many outreach and educational projects in Berlin and elsewhere deal with self-determination while exploring geographical, social and artistic practices. Can they strengthen the social fabric?

Featuring input by Sandi Hilal of Campus in Camps, Bethlehem. With #GentrifiHÄÄ?? (JugendtheaterBüro), Selda Asal (Apartment Project Berlin), Hamidullah Ehrari (Haus Leo, “Arriving in Berlin – A Refugees’ Map”), Anne Paffenholz (Wohnwut / Junipark) and Robert Shaw (Prinzessinnengärten).

We decide how we reside – Public workshop:  
Thu, Oct 29, 2015, 2-6 pm
Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin
Please register with: education@hkw.de