PASAJ (Istanbul): “A way of having fun and learning”

PASAJ (Istanbul): Workshop in June 2015
Workshop in June 2015 at PASAJ.

Pasaj, Kotti-Shop and La Folie Kilomètre: Each project takes place in a different urban context involving different actors and participants. In order to explore differences and similarities between these projects, the upcoming blog posts are meant to provide “insights” and answers.

The first topic draws on the participants: Who is involved in the project? What is the participants’ relation to the particular neighbourhood where the project is taking place? How do they benefit from participating? We start with PASAJ and their project with children in the Tarlabaşı district in İstanbul:

We are working with children in the Tarlabaşı district in İstanbul. Tarlabaşı is an old neighbourhood in the very center of İstanbul. The district is poor, crime intensive, fast circulating and subject to gentrification, which was started few years ago. The children live or regular play in the street, where PASAJ is located. Therefore the children were partly known by one of the artists before we started the project.

For the children the project is a way of having fun and learning. They are learning how to shoot videos and to take photographs. They learn about a wide range of topics that we worked on or talked about during the meetings that we had three times a week for three months. They feel more self-confident with the trust and confidence we show them. They are happy with doing something serious. They are now better in teamwork. They also enjoy meeting new and different people, and developing a communication with them.

Their expectation is to continue with current learning and enjoyment. They also like to see themselves on screen and watch the videos that they shoot. They do not expect too much in long-term.

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