La Folie Kilomètre (Marseille): The old hotel Remi St. Pierre in transition

Hotel Obscura workshop with La Folie Kilomètre

The collective La Folie Kilomètre has previously been working on the notions of ephemeral living in hotels. For We decide how we reside they are collaborating with the staff of the old hotel Remi St. Pierre in the center of Marseille. Since the people who spend most of their time in the hotel are the people who are working there, they are the ones who “live” there in a more permanent way.

The hotel Remi St. Pierre exists for about 100 years. With its great soul it attracts mainly regular guests instead of the onetime visiting tourist. But now it will soon be renovated and runs the risk of being transformed into a standardized chain hotel. This transition already started a few months ago with a new management in place and the coming and going of some employees. The situation of the hotel also reflects the present change of the city of Marseille.

In a performative course the personnel explores their daily lives in the Remi St. Pierre, to which they are very attached, and also deal with the current change of the hotel as well as their uncertain future. Beyond that, they discover the world of spectacle. It is an adventure for them.

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