PASAJ (Istanbul): “A rude and inhuman form of gentrification”

Tarlabaşı, Istanbul

PASAJ is located in Istanbul`s neighbourhood Tarlabaşı. What are the challenges to work in this specific area of Istanbul? Especially if the participants are children? Here are the answers by Seçil Yaylalı and Ekmel Ertan:

The main challenge is to sustain the children’s trust and not to harm them in any way. It is also very nice to see what we try to teach starts to become real; we see the results little by little.

Many themes and conflicts of the neighborhood are related to drug usage and noise. They are embedded in diverse stories, each person of the neighborhood tells another story. They are very sincere; when they are talking to kids they tell what they think. They tell about their past. They tell that they like their neighborhood, although it is very noisy but it is full of fun. We also hear a lot about their worries.

Berlin and Marseille have similar children most probably, who need to be taken seriously. The gentrification problems are also common but far different in practicalities. In İstanbul it is a very direct, rude and inhuman form of gentrification in most of the cases – especially in the last ten years when new capitalist class raised.

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