Hotel story – second part

We lived our last episode in Hotel De Rome et Saint Pierre with our shifted approche : to live in our city in a hotel, to mesure the space between tourisme and travel. We were welcomed across different frontiers between Opera, Belzunce and Noailles districts in Marseille.

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Unhabitants of this special world : Rajo, Sonia, Ravo, Katia, Marie, Sonia, Jean-Marie and Thierry. They are the first encounter of travellers.

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That time, we started to create habits and relationship. We were in special mood – as in travel – nearby our houses. Our sights were modified, we discovered Marseille through new eyes…

We organised a visit with the staff of our researches about standardisation in a special room. It was great !

We tell you all the story in Berlin at the end of the week. See you soon !

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