On the occasion of the project We Decide How We Reside, we stay a few days in Berlin, and lay down our hat in Hotel Pension ECK, near the Tiergarten.

An establishment situated in a building from the 18th century and who has travelers and tourists as a guests since 1920.
Each of the 8 rooms match the room of the middle-class appartment, that was originally : accross the long flowered corridors, we recognize the parental room, these of the children or now these of the servant, the living room…
Since the next century, it’s like if nothing has change : the wallpaper, the furnitures and the properties are period style, like the old Berlin. Even the service of the breakfast keep his one style.
An unic atmosphere who appeals to us, after all these hotel with rationalized pillow. We found that’s touch us in St Pierre et Rome Hotel in Marseille : a place full of histories with a real living soul and where the idea of welcome isn’t reduce to a 9m2 standardised room and to its ergonomic – effective furnitures, but to feather in the pillow, a furniture who tell us a story, an authentic and personnalised decoration in each room, an adapted and listening service. Here the travel continue.
Helma, who deal with her hotel single handedly and from the bottom of her heart, assure a perfect welcome, individualized and following a chic German tradition.
An hotel who charm since one century, a clientele of atists, writers, musicians and loyal regulars

dscn8685_23383941039_o Helma’s Hotel has also be the place of our first experimentation of installation, imagined during our immersion in hotel St Pierre in Marseille. An installation for hotel rooms, that can travel in a suitcase and adapt to the room which welcomes it. Adjusted on-site for the majority, the ingredients of the stage-design choose the side of intimacy while this spaces of passage are more and more controlled by the strict criterion of comfort, welcome standards and norms of hospitality

With the context of the international worshop, we translate all the elements in German, English and Turkish.
Our comrade of the project play along the public test. Theirs feedback enable to nourish the creation of the project Hotel Obscura who will see the day in february.
Thanks to us and especially to Helma for giving us her trust for invest the hotel.
A good meeting like we love, rich of swap and inspiration.
A special thanks to David for the photographies.