Lieux publics

Marseilles: Lieux publics

Lieux publics is a Centre national de création based in the Cité des Arts de la rue, which was newly opened in 2013 in Quartier Nord, a social flashpoint in Marseilles. The focus of the work of Lieux publics is art in public space. The center assists artists of all disciplines that make the city the place, the object, and the subject of their creative work. Today, Lieux publics is an urban design laboratory that uses various instruments to shape urban space. These include the research initiative “Remue Méninges,” which examines interaction between art and public space and pursues, with respect to specific sites, questions about the meaning of architecture, city planning, social networks, and history. Lieux publics additionally houses ateliers, music practice rooms, sound studios, and workshop spaces that it makes available to local projects. A further instrument is the coproduction of local artistic projects, including not only financial support, but also consulting and networking services. Lieux publics also works closely with schools and youth in the surrounding neighborhood.

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