Tarlabaşı, Istanbul

Metropolitan Istanbul is huge, with an official population of around 14 million and an actual population of some 18 million. It comprises an area of 5,343 square kilometers on two continents. Although Istanbul is a decentralized city, Taksim (Beyoǧlu) is commonly accepted to be its heart. For many centuries, Beyoǧlu, a section of Istanbul near the historic peninsula but outside the old city walls, has been home to many minority groups, including Jews, Armenians, Levantines, and many other non-Muslims.more

Kottbusser Tor, Kreuzberg, Berlin

Kottbusser Tor – known affectionately as “Kotti” – is an eclectic, diverse neighborhood in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district. Seen as a space of possibility with almost mythic associations, it is at the same time a residential area, place of work, traffic hub, and visitor magnet – a microcosm unto itself. Thousands of people live here and hundreds come here daily for all kinds of reasons.more


Marseille is an expressive city, where the wind of freedom blows, whose citizens incessantly ponder the question of what constitutes a society, how to live in it, and how to establish a structure to accommodate the emancipation of all.more